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Zion Warcry

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Zion Warcry(SteamPatch)

Info:Finally!! after three years of development arrives the Half-Life MOD Zion Warcry.

The previous Betas ( including the pre_v1.0 and the previous called "shitbeta" ) were the first tries of putting togheter what I was learning bit by bit. Now the final work is in your hands.

The MOD now has BOTs for solo players and much more features that in a first time I thoutght to add.

I am actually working in the next version, I don't think I'll start a SOURCE version for a HL2 version, aniway, I am working on the new maps ( only concept ) , enemies and new code. I want to upgrade the ZWC Bot because I think it's good for a newbie coder, but sometimes they're quite dumb.

The new version sure took me a few months to make it finished, I hope that, not far from Christmas but not before, I could give you an almost definitive version already prepared for STEAM.

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