Counter-Life (Full)

Info: Half-Life, voted game of the year in 1998. Counter-Strike, one of the world's popular online action game. What would happened if you were to merge both of these?

Simple, you would have a mod with Half-Life's storyline with Counter-Strike's weapons and hence, Counter-Life is born. Most of Counter-Strike's weaponary (minus the shield and smoke grenades) will be available for you when you purchase them from buy stations .

'Half-Life is Single-Player, so where are they buy stations?' Well, all the buy stations are the Health and HEV stations you encouter throughout the game, strategically placed. Just go up to them and use them. Unless you have the cash and the 'last resort' weapon, you can't go around buying all the weapons you can carry. Like in CS, each weapon cost a specific amount of cash.

'What about Xen?' Download the mod and find out yourselves.

Monsters, soldiers and allies in Counter-Life are also given a few enhancement to make them totally unique from the original Half-Life. Sad to say, killing G-man is still impossible because he happens to be your middleman and your so-called boss in HL2.

*Counter-Life is playable using steam and also allows you to use Counter-Strike custom models and other high poly w_ and p_ models. There are simply no restrictions or limits. Just the Half-Life ones.

Try making Counter-Life look unique. Get textures, sounds, sprites, skins and models to beautify it. Play through HL SP once again with CS weapons and make your enemies...SUFFER!

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