Desert crisis

Desert crisis


Desert crisis 1.5 (Full)

Info: Desert Crisis is the most unique mod you'll find. The action is always blazing fast and intense. Weapons range from modern pistols and machine guns to vulcan chainguns, flamethrowers, plasma canons, C4 packs, flare guns, electric sledge hammers, katanas, laser pistols and rifles, and more! Items include energy shields, anit-gravity packs, IR goggles and more. Use a variety of perks such as extra speed, kung fu master, woo-tastic, stealth, bio-regen, and more! Features bloody detatchable limbs and heads like Soldier of Fortune and a huge entity system that allows mappers to create any kind of map or objective you'd ever need. Would you like your objective to be to deliver a pizza and then blow up a building? No problem! Total freedom. You also have the freedom to customize your players looks with a variety of heads, skin color, glasses, hair and facial hair, hats, mouthwear such as cigars, pipes, cigs, etc... and tons more! Recognize players by their looks, not just by their names! I almost forgot the different moves you can perform! Flip in any direction. Left, Right, Forward, Backward. Perform wall flips to flip to the top of buildings and walls. Flip off of walls in any direction. All of this combined makes a fantastic action packed mod like NO OTHER.


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