Empires_v2.1 (Full)

Info:Empires is a mod for Half-Life 2 which will combine the genres of real-time strategy and first person shooter. Each team has four classes to choose from (scout, rifleman, grenadier, and engineer) with unique weapons and skills each. One player will become the commander by entering the team's command vehicle to build the team's base and lead his team to victory. Once your base is built up, purchase vehicles from your team's vehicle factory to open up another facet of Empires' gameplay. Vehicles can be customized with unique weapons, armor, and engines. The commander can research improvements to all aspects of vehicles such as longer range cannons, homing missiles, and armor-piercing machine gun rounds. Once your team is prepared, lead an assault into the enemy base. The enemy team is defeated when all players are wiped out with either no place to respawn or no reinforcements remaining or the team's command vehicle is destroyed.
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