Half-Quake Amen

Half-Quake Amen

Half-Quake Amen (Full)

Half-Quake Amen (Patch)

Info: Halfquake Amen is part 2 of our Halfquake series.

(The first part of Halfquake appeared in 2002 June's issue of PC Gamer)

We have been working on HQA for more than one year and it has been released on September 1st 2002.

Here are a few features:

- Complete new textures and sounds
- Absolutely confusing design
- Soundtrack with more than 30 minutes of playtime
- Twelve parts of pure sadism
- About six colors (black, gray, green, white, yellow (alienblood), red (mostly your blood))
- And of course: No HEV Suit

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