Kanonball (Full)

Info: Make no mistake - this is the spectacle of accelerated evolution. Take your place at the front-line, for yours is the chance to succeed where others will surely fail. No matter the pain, no matter the odds, stand firm - glory awaits those that master themselves. Ready?


- Kanonball is an intense 1st person futuristic sports simulation of the most brutal contact sport ever devised.

- In true sporting fashion, Kanonball offers players a unique team-play environment that rewards skill and cunning, team-work and communication.

- Players can leap, back flip, lunge, slide, charge and hurl in their quest to become the Champions of the Kanonball League.

- Play in several stunning arenas, each offering exciting game-play variations.

- Presented through an Interactive Cinematic Aesthetic that crystallises drama for an intense gaming experience.

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