Science and Industry

Science and Industry

Science & Industry v1.1 Full

Info:Science and Industry is a teamplay mod for Half-Life, in which players assume the role of Security Officer in one of two rival corporations striving for domination in the cutthroat world of chemical and weapons research and development.

As security officer, it is your job to acquire and protect your company's most valuable human resources -- scientists. Scientists conduct research and develop new products, bringing your company profit. Conveniently, the products your company's scientists develop take the form of new weapons that you and your fellow security officers can use to pound the other company into submission.

Your company needn't be happy just letting it's small staff of scientists toil away at new developments when there are plenty more scientist resources ripe for the picking at the competition. Stealing scientists from your rivals is a great way to boost productivity and keep those new weapons coming, but of course your competition has the same tactics in mind. So defending your company's scientists is just as important as "finding" new ones. Of course, the vagaries of particle physics are difficult to ponder in the middle of a firefight, so if you expect your scientists to be productive, you'd better keep the fight as far from them as possible.

A Selection of Features:

- Interaction with NPC's in multiplayer -- scientists inform you of their needs, and what they think of your performance.
- Profit based not frag based -- the company with the most cash on hand and the most bleeding edge technologies wins.
- Death comes with a price -- instead of respawning players are brought back to life with expensive cloning techniques, which will cost your company cold, hard cash.
- Dynamic game balance -- each round begins with only the most basic weapons, and each team gains access to new weapons based on the success of their research facilities.
- Consistency of design and theme reminiscent of single player experience
- Custom "2 Fort"-style maps
- And much, much more... (no, really)

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