Worms HL

Worms HL

Worms HL (Full)

Info: finally it's there : the beta 3.2 is our lastest creation! After weeks of waiting, it's finally out!
Only few Update(scratched head,new vgui...) that you can test by yourself
the most important thing is we have exterminated all crashes. you can now Kill Every Worms without be annoyed!

The changelog :

Bugs fixes :
client, server
Graveyard selection
New maps :
New Vguis :
team selection
model selection
weapon selection

'cause good news never come alone, argynici and Servergamers (I thanks them a LOT) Have launched a new server! prove them they are right, and explode the bandwith!
Thanks to anybody without which the linux version would be impossible since the beginning.

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